Windsor Man Pleads Guilty in Fatal Car Accident

Don't Text and Drive - Injury Lawyer Richard SerpeA Windsor man will spend eight years in prison for the fatal accident he caused, WTKR reports. The crash in Suffolk last year claimed the lives of two women. Police say he opened a text message 30 seconds before the crash occurred. The driver lost control of his car and drove into oncoming traffic. At the scene of the accident, police found heroin, drug paraphernalia and a homemade machete in his vehicle. He was arrested on charges of involuntary manslaughter (two counts), texting while driving, possession of heroin and possession of a weapon while in possession of other illegal drugs.

Now, the man will spend two consecutive four year terms for each of the lives claimed in the wreck. After he leaves prison, he will be required to go to a drug treatment center. His license has been suspended indefinitely.

Head on collisions are some of the most dangerous kinds of accidents. They kill more people than any other kind of wreck. The odds that this driver would walk away completely unharmed were slim to none. He’ll spend roughly the next decade in prison for his mistakes, though.

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