McDonnell considers increased speeding fines to help state budget

McDonnell views increased speeding fine as a potential economic boost for Virginia.

Today, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell wrapped up his explanation of suggestions to the Virginia General Assembly, regarding changes to the Commonwealth’s budget. Virginia, like so many other states, is facing budgeting woes as the nation, as a whole, is recovering (hopefully) from the economic recession.

The Hampton Roads online reported that among the 96 amendments McDonnell has laid out, is the suggestion to increase fines for drivers guilty of speeding. McDonnell believes that speeding fines should be adjusted for inflation. Currently, the Commonwealth fines speeders $5 for every mile per hour they are caught exceed the posted speed limit. If adjusted for inflation, the fine would reportedly increase to $6 instead of $5.

This is an interesting move, in the opinion of this author. McDonnell, in past weeks, has mentioned increasing the speed limit in certain areas of I-64. How to reconcile the notion of increasing the speed limit, as well as fines, is up to you, the reader.

The increased speeding fine is not the only measure McDonnell hopes to stimulate growth in Virginia. In addition to the fine increase, the Governor wants to provide more incentives to businesses willing to locate in Virginia, and decrease in funding for abortion procedures.

Interestingly, McDonnell does not seek to ban state funding for pro-choice license plates, even though he is a Republican that opposes abortion.

The General Assembly is expected to discuss and consider the proposals later this month – April 21.