Virginia Beach Drunk Driver Permanently Injures Victim

A Virginia Beach woman has been sentenced to a year and ten days in prison following an accident she caused while driving drunk. Reports say the woman was on her way home from buying beer when, not having the right of way, she struck another vehicle. As EMS workers and police officers arrived on the scene, the woman continued to drink a beer while being treated. When police pried the beer from her hand, she reached into her car to pull another from her 12-pack. While she continued her binge, the woman in the car she collided with was being loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

To choose to drink in drive is incredibly selfish, but to callously continue to drink after severely injuring someone in an accident you caused is downright despicable. Clearly, this woman has a severe drinking problem. Still, that’s no excuse for getting behind the wheel of something as powerful as a moving vehicle.

This woman will be locked up for more than a year. When she gets out of prison, she’ll go to rehab and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings thrice weekly. Though these consequences seem fair, the victim of the crash she caused will suffer long after the drunk driver leaves prison. The victim had screws and plates in her neck and will be permanently limited in her abilities. Sadly, nothing can undo what has been done. We must all take a lesson from this incident and think long and hard before ever driving while drunk.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

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