Virginia Beach Multi-Car Crash Injures Eight

need-an-ambulance-1512594Six people were hospitalized following an accident in Virginia Beach yesterday. The July 26, 2017 crash at the intersection of Virginia Beach Blvd. and Shelton Road occurred just after 8:00 in the morning. At least three vehicles were involved. While details of the crash haven’t been released, we do know that one of the vehicles rolled over onto its roof because of the collision. Six people were sent to the hospital, and another two received minor injuries in the incident.

We send our best wishes out to the victims of the crash. Without details on how exactly the wreck occurred, it’s impossible to speculate about who is at fault. Still, we hope the accident report will be released soon and that the negligent or reckless driver is held responsible for their actions behind the wheel.

We do know that one driver will be charged with a failure to yield. In this busy part of suburban Virginia Beach, yielding to the right of way is critical for safety. In many cases of drivers failing to yield, the injury victim is often the one to drive into the path of the negligent driver who is failing to follow traffic laws.

Such accidents often occur when there is a flashing yellow light, an imminent red light, or when a driver making a left hand turn fails to yield to oncoming traffic. It can also occur on the highway with particularly aggressive drivers who are trying to merge. Failure to yield accidents sometimes involve pedestrians, too.

We recommend all drivers make a concerted effort to yield when necessary. Even if you’re feeling impatient, a crash like the one in Virginia Beach should be avoided at all costs.

Virginia Car Accident Lawyers

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