Video Captures the Perils of Drowsy Driving

Any time one climbs behind the wheel, they put their lives at risk. There is always the chance of some kind of mechanical failure with the car, or the risk of another driver not paying attention to the road. Traveling by car is convenient, but always potentially dangerous. Still, drivers follow laws and general rules of the road to protect themselves and their fellow drivers. A new video, however, showcases the frightening effects of not following such laws – like staying awake behind the wheel.

Bus Driver Falls Asleep

A bus driver  caused a massive accident last fall when he dozed off while going down a hill. He plowed into seven cars before regaining control of the bus. Thankfully, neither he nor his sole passenger were injured in the wreck, but he did seriously injure a couple in one of the other cars involved in the crash. The video of this crash is terrifying. It shows the windshield of the bus falls off and the vehicle careening off the side of the highway. Watching such images (available on ABC News Click Here) certainly makes one rethink ever driving when even slightly tired.

As shocking as the video is, the reality is that it could have been much worse. A 2011 bus crash on I-95 in Virginia claimed the lives of four and injured many more after the driver felt fatigued. The driver was charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter and is now serving six years in prison.

Fatigued Driving

drowsy driving, car accident lawyerSadly, fatigued driving happens all too often on our roads, and innocent victims are seriously injured or killed. There are regulations in place to prevent professional drivers from working too many hours without a break to sleep. But it isn’t just professional drivers who find themselves fatigued behind the wheel. The National Sleep Foundation’s 2005 study found that 60% of Americans admitted to driving while drowsy, while 37% admitted to actually falling asleep behind the wheel.