Unbelted, Speed-Related Crashes On the Rise

Recent data from the Virginia Department of Transportation reveals a troubling trend: unbelted and speed-related accidents are on the rise. The spread of COVID-19 has generally meant fewer cars on the road, and, by extension, fewer crashes than usual. Officials say that’s part of the reason we’re seeing more unbelted and speed-related wrecks.

“Fewer vehicles on the road during the COVID-19 crisis have contributed to a 45% decrease in all crashes,” Secretary of Transportation Shannon Valentine told reporters. “But it is of great concern to see that the number of fatalities involving both speed and unrestrained travelers has increased by 78% during this time period compared to 2019. We are urging all motorists to drive the posted speed limit and wear seat belts.”

Click it Or Ticket

While you might be tempted to slack off on your seatbelt usage while roads are empty, doing so is incredibly risky. Even if you are the only car on the road, hazards still exist. You don’t even need to get into an accident to suffer injuries. A pothole can send even the safest of drivers off course. You could bump your head because you’re not strapped in and suffer lifelong brain injuries. Our bodies are more delicate than we realize, and seatbelts do a lot to keep us safe.

Even when everything goes right, you can still be ticketed for not wearing your seatbelt.

Slow Down – For the Greater Good

Given the state of the world, we owe it to our fellow man to practice safe driving habits on the road. Going the speed limit helps minimize the risk of crashes and reduce the impact when cars do collide. There’s no easier way to look out for yourself and your fellow motorists than to slow down and abide by traffic laws.

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