Two School Bus Crashes Injure 33 Students

It’s that time of year: new school supplies, new class schedules and for many students in the Commonwealth, new school bus routes. This annual tradition has been made terrifying for some students in both Augusta and Scott Counties. School buses in both areas were involved in serious accidents this first week back to school. A new report shows that the two incidents injured 33 students.

The first crash occurred in Augusta County on Route 250. The bus driver ran off road and struck a tree, seriously injuring the driver and 21 of the students on board. Police say the accident occurred when a work zone reduced the number of lanes and the bus driver hit a guardrail. Upon overcorrecting, he ran the bus off road.

Another bus crash in Scott County injured 12 students when a school bus driver ran off road and struck rock cliff wall. Four of the 12 students are considered to be seriously injured. Police charged the driver with failure to maintain control of the bus. The driver was not injured in the wreck.

We think of school buses as very safe vehicles, and most of the time, they are. The reality is, though, that students frequently ride without seat belts and little supervision. Bus drivers face the same distractions other drivers on the road do, but with dozens of children behind them in the vehicle playing and talking loudly. Buses, like trucks, are very heavy and difficult to maneuver quickly in case of an emergency. This combination of factors too often results in accidents.

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