Severe Injuries in Norfolk Truck Accident Near Outlets

Norfolk, Virginia truck accident lawyerTwo people are recovering from serious injuries after a truck accident in Norfolk this week. The victims say they were sitting at a red light on Northampton Blvd. near the Norfolk Premium Outlets when they were rear-ended by a tractor trailer. One of the victims was reportedly trapped under the wreckage for more than three hours. Lower extremities had to be amputated before the victim was rushed to the hospital for multiple surgeries. The crash remains under investigation.

“You Can’t Stop 80k Pounds on a Dime”

Tractor trailers are among some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Because they are so oversized, the damage they do in even minor collisions can be deadly. As one witness told reporters at the scene, “you can’t stop 80,000 pounds on a dime.” The larger the vehicle, the longer it takes for the driver to come to a complete stop. Given the high speed limits on Northampton Blvd., it’s easy to speculate that the truck driver was not paying attention to changing traffic conditions. Until the official report has been released, however, it is impossible to know exactly how the accident happened.

How Rear End Accidents Happen

Rear-end collisions are almost always the fault of the motorist in back. When a vehicle is stopped at a red light, it’s nearly always impossible for the driver in the front position to prevent a rear-end crash. Instead, it is up to the drivers behind them to stop safely in time to prevent a collision. As details around this specific incident continue to emerge, it may become obvious which driver was at fault.

Norfolk Truck Accident Lawyers

Commercial trucking companies, and their insurance, have tremendous financial resources and will do everything that they can to avoid liability after an accident. To level the playing field, contact a experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer to protect your rights. Medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering—we fight for max compensation.

After an accident, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Your injuries, the insurance company, the at-fault party, and the legal system are a lot for anyone to face. So, when going it alone isn’t an option, we’re here to help. When you need an advocate, we are just one phone call away. Call or text (877) 544-5323 for a free consultation.

Attorney Richard Serpe

Norfolk truck accident lawyer Richard Serpe

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