Two Hospitalized in Hampton Crash

autoaccAn early morning crash in Hampton sent two drivers to the hospital this weekend. The September 25th accident occurred near the intersection of Todds Lane and Winchester Drive. Police say two cars – one heading east and another west – collided. One man needed to be cut from his car by rescue workers. Both drivers were taken to the hospital. One is in life threatening condition. Police are still working out how exactly the accident occurred, but no one has been charged at this time.

This part of Hampton isn’t especially busy, especially early on a Sunday morning. We’ve all heard the statistic about most accidents happening within five miles of home, but rarely do we consider why that is. On a Sunday morning when traffic is light, it’s easy to relax into the comfort of knowing you’re not likely to be involved in a crash – and therefore, you’re all the more susceptible to making a mistake at the wheel. Conversely, anyone who has ever been in a stressful traffic jam at rush hour knows how frustratingly careful you have to be to drive defensively and avoid a crash. Because you’re anticipating trouble on the road, you’re more likely to drive safely.

There’s never a guarantee you can avoid every crash, but by driving defensively no matter the conditions around you, you can successfully avoid many of the common road errors drivers make.

We send our best wishes to the drivers injured in this crash and hope they recovery fully and quickly.

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