Truck Safety Guards Could Prevent Crashes

truck_smallA new form of technology could prevent many of the most dangerous kinds of accidents. A new bipartisan measure is making its way through the legislature. The efforts are to require truck safety guards that would prevent underride crashes. The “Angel Wings” guards are fitted under the front and sides of tractor trailers and prevent smaller vehicles from sliding under the trucks in collisions. These are currently optional, while back guards have been mandated for years.

An Easy Solution to a Deadly Problem

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than 1,400 people died in car accidents involving tractor trailers in 2016. Hundreds of those deaths were the result of cars striking the sides of trucks. While underride accidents are not detailed in their figures, such incidents are undoubtedly included in the larger set of data. Because the technology exists to prevent such collisions, requiring these guards seems to be an easy solution for such a deadly issue.

Critics of the Technology

Some argue that the guards would end one safety problem but create another. Experts say that the additional weight of the guards could threaten the structural integrity of the tractor trailers. The guards weigh upwards of 16,000 pounds, threatening the fuel economy of the current trucks and adding to the cost of freight across the country. Some drivers also say the guards are ineffective, crumpling quickly under the weight of a collision.

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