Traffic Fatalities Rising in Virginia, Across the Nation

autoaccCar accident deaths on the rise in Virginia.

Last year was the deadliest in nearly 50 years for Virginia roads, a new report says. 700 people died in car accidents around the Commonwealth in 2014. Somehow, we are on track to surpass that number for 2015. 13 more people have died than at this point last year. This trend is reflected across the country, with traffic deaths up around the nation. Traffic fatalities are up 14 percent on the national level and 6 percent in Virginia. Tragically, there have been 438 deaths in Virginia in the first seven months of 2015. Experts say this could be because many of the fatal traffic accidents have involved two or more victims, rather than just a driver being killed.

More people are on the roads.

Surprisingly, the majority of fatal accidents in Virginia involve drivers aged 36-50. The DMV reports that teen deaths and fatal accidents caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol are down. With low gas prices and an improving economy, more people are hitting the road than ever. Unfortunately, more people are also texting and talking on the phone while driving. These increased distractions combined with the increase in traffic are bound to lead to more fatalities on the road.

Protect yourself & your loved ones.

What’s one way you can protect yourself and your loved ones when one the road? Always, always buckle up. Also, avoid talking or texting on your phone while driving. Have a passenger answer your phone for you instead. This will not only provide a safer ride for you and your loved ones, but will allow you to drive more defensively and prevent collisions.

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