Three injured in Virginia Beach accident

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Three people were hospitalized following a crash in Virginia Beach. The accident happened when a Toyota Tacoma crossed the double yellow lines and struck a Virginia Beach Public Utilities truck on Virginia Beach Boulevard. The driver of the Toyota was seriously injured and is believed to be in serious condition. The driver and passenger in the utilities truck were also injured in the crash but are expected to make full recoveries. Police say charges are pending against the driver of the Toyota.

As anyone who travels in the area frequently knows, Virginia Beach Boulevard can be a dicey place to drive. With high speeds and multiple lanes in each direction, morning traffic can be a nightmare. Given that this crash happened around 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday, though, traffic should not have been too bad. We can only speculate as to what caused the driver of the Toyota to cross over the double yellow lines on the road.

Crossing double yellow lines: legal or not?

It might surprise you, but Virginia actually passed a law last year allowing drivers to cross double yellow lines under certain circumstances. Last July, the General Assembly enacted new traffic laws designed to help keep cyclists, utility vehicles and postal vehicles safer. The law states that drivers may cross the double yellow line to pass a pedestrian or device moved by human power. That includes bicycles, skateboards, and foot scooters. The catch? This maneuver is only legal when it is considered safe to move across the double yellow lines. Given the results of this driver’s decision, it looks like it wasn’t safe at all to cross the lines at the time.

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