The Danger of Daylight Savings

It’s that time of year again: time to “fall back” and turn our clocks back an hour. For most people, it’s no big deal – a minor inconvenience to get used to in a few days’ time. While Daylight Savings Time might seem innocuous, research shows it’s actually linked with a number of hazards. The impact is so significant is has caused many people to create petitions to stop DST from occurring at all.

An Increased Risk of Traffic Fatalities

A study in the peer-reviewed Current Biology journal found that the Spring DST transition increases fatal traffic accidents in the United States by six percent. This is likely because our bodies are on one time, while our mind is set to another. While the sunrise and sunsets are scheduled in accordance to Daylight Savings, our bodies are still on our old, familiar Circadian rhythms. This makes falling asleep on time more difficult, getting a good night’s rest more challenging, and presents unique difficulties behind the wheel.

The Impact On Our Roads

The sun sets early in the fall and winter months, leaving many commuters driving home in the dark. When motorists aren’t fully alert behind the wheel, they may experience slower reaction times. Some drivers struggle to get a restful night of sleep and find themselves drowsy during their commute. Even the most subtle of changes can disrupt focus and lead to more accidents on the road. Animals may be thrown off by our change in routine, too. Be on the watch for increased deer activity on the roads in the days and weeks following DST.

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