Survey: Millennials are Dangerous Drivers

Don't Text and Drive - Injury Lawyer Richard SerpeMillennials have a bad reputation. Portrayed in the media as lazy, unambitious and freeloading off their parents, Millennials have quite the burden to bear. But are Millennials also bad drivers, on top of everything else? One survey says yes.

The AAA Foundation for Safety recently conducted a survey on driving habits. They found that 60% of Millennials respondents admitted to texting and driving – nearly double rate of drivers in other age groups. Millennials also admitted to running red lights and speeding more frequently than other survey takers.

The survey found, in general, though, that drivers of all ages tend to be hypocritical behind the wheel. Though survey takers said distracted, aggressive or impaired driving is irresponsible, many admitted to behaving that way themselves. Approximately 80% of people surveyed said drowsy driving was unsafe, but a third of people surveyed said they had driven while tired in the last month.

Many people have an unrealistic view of how well they drive. They might think of themselves as a safe driver, but make dangerous choices behind the wheel. The disconnect isn’t logical, but it sure makes sense for anyone who has ever witnessed bad driving.

The takeaway from this survey? Millennials aren’t the only drivers to be concerned about. Indeed, if we can stop pointing the finger at other drivers and instead take a look at our own behaviors, we can make the roads a little safer for everyone.

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