Student Injured When Bus Overturns in Dinwiddie Co.

Virginia school bus accident lawyerThe morning following a winter storm is always somewhat treacherous – especially in our area, where we deal with icy roads and freezing temperatures so rarely. But even days later, roads can still be hazardous, particularly for large vehicles.

Police are investigating a crash in Dinwiddie County this morning that sent more than 20 students to the hospital. Reports indicate that a school bus overturned on Ferndale Road in Dinwiddie. It’s not clear how exactly the incident occurred, as the bus driver insists the road was not icy. Still, the bus overturned, trapping the bus driver inside. Emergency workers managed to rescue the driver and the students. The 23 students on board were taken to the hospital to be check on, but only one student complained of an injury sustained in the accident.

Buses are incredibly heavy vehicles, which means any slight shift in their center of gravity can end in disaster. If the bus driver was traveling too quickly on wet, slick or even slightly icy roads, the bus could have easily run off road and flipped over. Thankfully, school buses are designed with safety in mind. Even without seat belts, it sounds as though most of the children on board made it out of the incident with little more than a scratch.

Of course, sending your child on any form of public transportation is somewhat risky. That’s why school districts take such consideration when deciding whether or not to close schools on bad weather days.

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