Speed, Alcohol Factors in Fatal VA Beach Crash

istock_000007435695xsmallPolice are investigating a fatal accident that occurred in Virginia Beach over the weekend. Reports say that emergency services arrived on scene after receiving a call about a collision on Fort Story Hospital Road. The crash, which occurred shortly after midnight on August 13, involved a Chevrolet Camaro and a Nissan Altima.

Both cars were driving at high speeds at the time of the incident. When rounding a bend in the road, the driver of the Nissan lost control of the car and ran off road, striking a tree. The driver was killed and the passenger was seriously injured. Though neither the driver of the Chevrolet nor the passengers in that car were injured, the Chevrolet driver is facing charges. Authorities say both speed and alcohol were factors in this incident.

Speed & Alcohol

Since the accident is still under investigation, it’s tough to speculate about why these vehicles were speeding the way they were. It’s possible they were racing, but until we know more, it’s impossible to guess. Regardless of the reasons why the crash occurred, we know that speed and alcohol are a deadly combination.

Unfortunately, this kind of crash is all too common for a late Friday night. The incidents follow similar patterns: young people go out to drink with friends, decide to drive back home after imbibing and end up injured – or worse – because of their decisions. Add in speed, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

We’ll be watching the investigation unfold to better understand the drivers’ motivation in this accident, but one thing is certain: booze and speeding are a deadly combination.

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