Snow Wreaks Havoc on Hampton Roads Drivers

Hampton Roads was the site of hundreds of car accidents earlier this week, as snowy roads led to dangerous driving conditions. Sources estimate there were 50 accidents in Hampton and 174 in Chesapeake, with more around the area. In one such incident, a Virginia Beach school bus collided with three other vehicles. Many of these crashes resulted in injuries.

Snow is debilitating for an area like Hampton Roads. With a lack of plowing equipment and inexperienced winter weather drivers, roads can quickly become hazardous. With more snow dumped on us last night, we need to be extra cautious on our commutes. If you don’t absolutely have to be on the road, then consider staying at home. Many of these hundreds of car accidents likely occurred when drivers disregarded warnings of bad conditions.

If you do decide to venture out, be sure to take your time. Icy roads make it much more difficult to stop or slow down, so be careful to leave plenty of time to brake before stop signs and read lights. Spinouts are common during winter conditions, with wheels failing to grip tightly enough to the road. Increase your following distance of other cars, too. They may slam on their brakes and spinout at any given moment.

Create a winter weather emergency kit for your car. Washington, DC drivers did not imagine they’d be stuck in their cars for hours – but that’s exactly what happened during the 2010 Snowpocalypse. Keep blankets, bottled water, flashlights and flares in your car. Better safe than sorry!