Sledding Children Struck by Vehicle

need-an-ambulance-1512594Two children are recovering after a scary incident with an SUV this weekend. The January 6, 2018 accident occurred around 5:40 PM in Glen Allen. Police say the children were sledding near Twin Hickory Lake Drive when a Nissan Xterra SUV ran off road, flipped and rolled down the embankment. Two of the children were hit by the out of control SUV. They were taken to the hospital in serious condition. Authorities are working to investigate the incident fully but have not charged the driver as of January 8.

Winter Safety

When schools are closed and the hills are white, there is nothing more fun than spending an afternoon sledding. Because Virginia sees so little snow each year, it is no surprise that kids across the state are eager to play outside. Unfortunately, though, winter weather comes with some potentially dangerous side effects. Slippery roads make it difficult for drivers to keep control of their vehicles. This is true everywhere there is snow and ice, but especially so for Virginia drivers who do not have much experience with this kind of inclement weather.

Keeping Kids Safe

While there are few things a parent can do to prevent cars from spinning out of control as in this wreck, there are some winter safety tips of which all families should note. Always bundle up when playing outdoors and try to wear brightly colored to highlight your presence to drivers. Avoid playing after the sun sets or before it rises. Visibility is key to preventing winter weather pedestrian accidents.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

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