6 Easy Ways to Avoid Driving Drunk This Holiday Season

istock_000007435695xsmallIf you’re planning to celebrate at bars or parties this holiday season, you need a plan to get home safely after drinking. Follow our six tips to ensure you end up home – and not in jail.

  1. Make a plan. Before you take a single sip of booze, make sure you’ve come up with a way to get home. This sounds like common sense to many of us, but amidst exciting holiday plans, it’s easy for details to get lost in the good cheer.
  2. Set up your Uber or Lyft account before you need it. Ridesharing apps make getting home from a party easier than ever, but first time users can become easily confused after a few drinks. Create your profile and log your credit card information before you head out for the night, and save yourself some trouble!
  3. Keep the number of a cab company in your wallet. We’ve all had that awkward moment where we lose our phone, drop and shatter it on the floor, or simply run out of battery before the night is through. That can seriously hinder a person’s ability to get home safely. Tuck a slip of paper into your wallet with the number of a local cab company written on it, just in case you need to order a cab from a bar’s landline.
  4. Check out free options for the holidays. In Hampton Roads, AAA offers a safe ride program for anyone in need of a way to get home. Of course, as recommend above, it’s best to research these kinds of programs before you head out!
  5. Crash at a friend’s place – or book a hotel. Your own bed might be comfier, but there’s nothing safer than staying where you’re at when you’ve had too much to drink.
  6. Select a reliable designated driver. Make sure to pick someone who wouldn’t think of having a drink before hitting the road.

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