Road Safety Tips for College Students

There’s nothing like the start of the fall semester to excite college students about the future. With new classes, new roommates, and new opportunities to look forward to, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as hitting the road to campus. If your college student is driving themselves back to school, it’s a good idea to review a few key safety tips in preparation. Even the most experienced of motorists can get overwhelmed by the onslaught of college-bound traffic that floods university towns this time of year.

Properly Maintain Your Vehicle

Before your student hits the road, have a conversation about vehicle maintenance. Review the warning lights that may appear on the dashboard and discuss the importance of taking the vehicle to a reputable body shop when there are issues. While you’re at it, confirm that your teen’s license, registration, and tags are all up to date.

Put Together an Emergency Roadside Kit

It’s always a good idea to keep emergency supplies on hand, but it becomes all the more important if your college student has a long drive from home to campus. Jumper cables, flares, a first-aid kit, and a blanket are all must-haves. Go over the supplies you put together and make sure your college student knows how to use them in a pinch.

Discuss the Perils of Drinking and Driving

College students often feel invincible behind the wheel. Youthful enthusiasm can often lead to poor decision-making. While your college student has likely already heard about the dangers of drinking and driving, it’s always worth having another conversation about the risks. Remind your student that if they decide to drink, a ride-sharing service is always a better option than getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

Avoid Speeding

Young people – especially young men – love the thrill of high speeds. It’s part of why they pay higher than average insurance premiums. Speed can often turn minor accidents into deadly ones, which is why it’s so important to remind your college student to avoid speeding. By abiding by the speed limit, your son or daughter can ensure their safety on the road.

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