Reckless Driver Charged in Suffolk Crash

Of all the negligent choices one might make behind the wheel, failing to yield to a stop sign can seem innocuous. Some of us are in such a hurry, we choose to pause rather than come to a complete stop. The danger of this is that so often, drivers making such choices never face consequences. But when those consequences do appear, they are often in the form of horrific accidents and severe legal ramifications.

One such driver made the choice to ignore a stop sign in Suffolk. His GMC pickup truck collided with a Corvette at the intersection of Elwood Road and Glen Haven Drive. The truck overturned in the accident, injuring a passenger. The driver of the Corvette also suffered such severe injuries that emergency personnel had to airlift him to a hospital.

Police charged the driver of the pickup truck with reckless driving, failing to yield to a stop sign, driving on a revoked license related to DWI, operating a car without an ignition interlock device and driving on tires with inadequate tread. These charges combined spell a sticky legal future for this careless driver. Previous punishments for driving drunk have clearly left little impact on his moral compass.

Such accidents like this one illustrate just how deadly our small choices can become. If this driver had come to a complete stop, this accident would likely not have occurred. Though the two injured people have been released from the hospital, they will likely face expensive medical bills associated with a crash neither of them caused.

Virginia Car Accident Lawyer 

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