Police Remind Drivers to Click It or Ticket

As you head out on the highway this summer, make sure buckling seat belt is part of your travel itinerary. Police are embracing their Click It or Ticket program now more than ever. Last year in Virginia, 52 percent – and a whopping 256 deaths – involved drivers or passengers who failed to buckle up. Though police cannot stop a car just because of a seat belt violation, they do plan to pull over cars with obviously unrestrained children in the vehicle.

The Click It or Ticket program targets men, who are less likely to buckle up than their female counterparts. Men are in more car accidents on average and wear their seat belts less often. This unfortunately results in more male fatalities. Night time is a particularly deadly time for drivers and passengers who don’t wear their seat belts: in 2013, 59 percent of vehicle passengers were killed at night when they were not buckled up. Young people are also a prime demographic that the Click It or Ticket program hopes to target. 18 to 34-year-olds are the least likely age group to wear a seat belt.

In Virginia, all front seat passengers and passengers under the age of 18 must be restrained by a seat belt while in a moving vehicle. Child restraint devices like car seats must be rear facing and placed in the back seat. North Carolina law states that all drivers and passengers over 16 must wear their seat belts while in the car.

Though the Click It or Ticket program only runs through June 2, it’s important to buckle up no matter what. The minor annoyance the belt might be is worth the protection it provides in case of emergencies.

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