Pedestrian Killed in Virginia Beach Car Accident

One person has died in a Virginia Beach car accident. The August 27, 2017 crash occurred on Little Neck Road near Virginia Beach Boulevard just after 8:00 PM. Police say they were called to the scene after receiving calls about an incident involving a vehicle and pedestrian collision. Allegedly, a car was turning onto Little Neck Road from Virginia Beach Boulevard and headed northbound when a pedestrian walked out into traffic. The man was struck by the turning car. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

No other details about the collision have been released. We send our condolences to the family of the victim.

Pedestrian Accidents

On busy streets like Virginia Beach Boulevard, life as a pedestrian is difficult. Crosswalks are often multiple blocks away, and for walkers who would rather not spend the time and energy walking down the street to cross, jaywalking can seem like an appealing option. Unfortunately, the kind of streets with limited crosswalks are also often streets with high speed limits. The section of Virginia Beach boulevard in question often gets cars traveling up to 45 mile per hour. Too often, jaywalkers are overconfident in their ability to beat traffic at their own game. At night, especially, visibility can be tricky for drivers not anticipating pedestrians in the roadway.

Though this is indeed a tragedy, it also serves as a reminder to always use crosswalks and avoid jaywalking – especially at night when visibility is a challenge. If you’re walking at night, consider wearing reflective clothing or at the very least, bright colors.

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