Passenger Killed When Driver Strikes Parked Car in Portsmouth

need-an-ambulance-1512594A man was pronounced dead at the scene of an accident in Portsmouth last night. The June 26, 2017 car wreck was reported to police just after 9:00 PM that night. Investigators say the crash occurred when the driver of a UHAUL truck collided with an unoccupied utility truck on Deep Creek Boulevard. The passenger in the UHAUL was ejected in the collision. Medics arrived and began treating the driver, but the passenger was pronounced dead. The driver is now recovering from serious but not life-threatening injuries.

We send our condolences to the family and loved ones of the man killed in the crash. As the investigation is still ongoing, there has been no official reason for the crash given. We can only hope that the investigation provides some answers and some form of closure for the victim’s loved ones.

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