One Person Hospitalized Following Suffolk Crash

Virginia Car Accident Lawyer - Richard SerpeOne person is recovering from injuries sustained in a serious crash in Suffolk yesterday. The July 26, 2017 accident at the intersection of Godwin Boulevard and Hillpoint Boulevard occurred just before noon. While it’s not clear what led to the crash, we do know that one of the vehicles experienced heavy front-end damage while the other car landed on its side on the sidewalk. One person was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. No word has been given about potential charges for either driver.

We send our best wishes to the victim recovering from their injuries. We’re rooting for a quick and painless recuperation process.

This area of Suffolk includes high speeds on the roadway and many neighborhoods full of families. At times, the suburban meets rural vibe of the community makes it difficult for drivers. Traffic is typically quite light, so when motorists face unusual or changing traffic patterns, problems can quickly arise.

Given the front end damage to one of the cars involved in this collision, it’s safe to assume some form of rear-ending happened. Often, these kinds of crashes occur when a person fails to pay close attention to the road. On low-traffic roads like the intersection in this incident, it’s easy to rest on your laurels, especially if you drive the same route every day. But folks on their cell phones, fiddling with apps or otherwise distracted can quickly lose focus on the task at hand. Though we can’t be certain what caused this particular collision, this serves as a reminder to us all to stay off our phones will driving.

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