Norfolk Ocean View Pedestrian Hit by Car

Virginia Pedestrian Injury Lawyer - Richard SerpeA man is recovering from injuries sustained in a Norfolk car accident. News reports show that the February 17, 2018 collision occurred around 7 PM on Ocean View Avenue in Norfolk. Police arrived on scene to find the man had suffered injuries not believed to be life-threatening. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. Details about the cause of the accident have been minimal, but police say the driver remained at the scene of the incident. No charges have been filed, but the investigation into the crash is ongoing.

The Dangers of Night Fall

Few people are aware of just how dangerous twilight hours can be. Because the sun goes down every evening, we forget how big a change it can have on an environment. Settings that are safe and easy to see around in the daylight hours can become incredibly hazardous as the sun begins setting. It is possible that this incident occurred because of the driver’s inability to see pedestrians crossing the road in time to prevent a collision.

The Importance of Crosswalks

As anyone who drives through Ocean View with any regularity can tell you, crosswalks are few and far between. This make it difficult for pedestrians to cross the road safely. Even when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, though, drivers do not always respect the rules of the road. The next time you spot a pedestrian attempting to cross, be sure to stop and allow them to do so. It’s not just the courteous thing to do: it’s the law.

Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers

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