Newport News accident injures four

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An early morning crash in Newport News landed four victims and a firefighter in the hospital. The accident occurred on Jefferson Ave. at Lee Road around 6:45 on July 6th. Early investigations reveal that the accident was caused when  an erratic driver cut off another driver and ran into oncoming traffic. Cars behind the initial crash slammed into the cars in front of them. All told, six vehicles were involved in the accident.

Firefighters rushed to the scene to extricate two of the victims from their cars. During this 20-minute long process, one of the firefighters was injured. Four people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital with injuries. The firefighter was also treated and is expected to make a full recovery.

How following too close can turn deadly

Witnesses to the crash say two of the cars went airborne during the collision. They told reporters that if they had paused just a second longer, they too would have been involved in the accident.

Pile-ups and multi-car accidents like this one reveal a common problem on our roads: drivers following too closely. During morning rush hour traffic, it’s easy to imagine drivers hurriedly rushing to work during their run-of-the-mill daily commute. But it’s during these routine drives that we rest on our laurels, becoming oblivious to changing traffic conditions and failing to adjust accordingly.

It can be difficult to increase following distance during morning traffic. If you find yourself leaving room and being cut off by other drivers, simply do your best to keep alert and drive defensively. There’s nothing you can do about the way other people drive, but you can control your speed and stay focused.

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