Mother, Child Struck by Car in Norfolk

A mother and her young son are recovering after a multi-vehicle crash in Norfolk that landed them in the hospital. The pair were standing on the sidewalk near the intersection of W. 26th st. and Hampton Blvd. waiting to cross the street. A Jeep traveling north on Hampton Blvd. collided with a Nissan turning left onto 26th st. The impact sent one of the cars spinning out toward the pedestrians. The were hit and taken to a local hospital.

Police have charged the driver responsible for the crash with failure to yield.

Pedestrian Accidents

This accident illustrates the inherent danger pedestrians face even when they are following traffic and safety laws. The mother and son injured in the crash were waiting patiently on the sidewalk for their turn to cross the always busy Hampton Blvd. In spite of their patience, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It’s important to keep alert as a pedestrian for changing traffic conditions. No one can predict every car accident, but by keeping your focus on what is happening around you, you just might be able to move out of the way of an accident like this one. Be sure to utilize all your senses to anticipate danger. Avoid walking with headphones in so you can listen out for collisions. Of course, always stay on the sidewalk when possible. When you need to cross the street, wait for your turn and try to make eye contact with the drivers waiting at the intersection before you step into the street. Making sure drivers are aware of your presence drastically reduces your chances of being struck.

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