Man Dies After Sussex Co. Truck Accident

Virginia tractor-trailer accident lawyer - Richard SerpeA man pinned between a truck and a utility trailer has died. The January 14, 2018 crash occurred on Route 460 in Sussex County. The victim was driving a Dodge Dakota and hauling a utility trailer behind his vehicle. When the trailer became loose, the man stopped and attempted to secure it. Tragically, a tractor trailer rear-ended the trailer, pinning the man between the two. He survived but sustained serious injuries. The man succumbed to those injuries the next day. The driver of the tractor trailer has been charged with reckless driving.

Dangerous Cargo

Anytime a driver is hauling a trailer, the risk of being involved in some kind of accident increase. While freight itself is not inherently dangerous, the simple act of adding additional weight and mechanics to a vehicle can make driving more difficult. Utility trailers are small, but any time they are not properly secure, they can cause serious issues for the driver.

Reckless Truck Drivers

In this case, of course, the tractor trailer driver’s recklessness is to blame more so than the utility trailer malfunctioning. When truck drivers fail to adequately monitor changing traffic conditions, they risk killing themselves and others on the road. While it is not clear why the driver of the tractor trailer did not stop in time, there is no doubt that they made some serious mistakes at the wheel that day.

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