Local Police Investigate New Year's Hit-and-Run

Virginia Car Accident Lawyer - Richard SerpeA hit and run accident in Virginia Beach is under investigation after a victim has succumbed to their injuries. Authorities say the January 1, 2018 crash happened only an hour or so into the new year. Details about the collision are sparse, but we know that a white Dodge Durango collided with a gray Ford Focus near the intersection of South Independence Boulevard and Bonney Road.

The driver of the Dodge fled the scene on foot, leaving an injured victim in the wake. Police responded to the scene around 1:40 AM to find a man seriously wounded. Though he was transported to the hospital, he died from his injuries later that day.

Hit and Run Motives

While most of us cannot imagine ever fleeing the scene of an accident like this one, the reality is that many hit and run drivers have a lot to lose by being connected to such accidents. Given the late hour and the holiday, it is reasonable to suspect the responsible driver had been drinking. If they had a record of previous DUI convictions, it is possible they feared the more serious consequences for repeat offenders. Regardless of motive, there are few things as callous as running from an accident, especially when injured victims need help. We can only hope the person responsible will be apprehended soon.

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