Left Hand Turn Crash in Norfolk Hospitalizes 2

Two people are recovering following a wreck in Norfolk this week. The March 23, 2017 accident on Little Creek Road occurred just after 5:00 PM. Reports show an eastbound car attempted a left hand crash when a vehicle traveling west collided with them. Passengers in the car that hit the turning vehicle were seriously injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.

This accident highlights the inherent danger in left hand turns. The Washington Post even went as far as calling for the elimination of such turns, calling them “unsafe.” Companies like UPS have implemented GPS software that avoids sending their drivers into left-hand turn scenarios. More and more people are embracing the idea that left hand turns are problematic and should be avoided.

This incident is still under investigation and no charges have been filed against either driver involved. But one has to wonder: had the driver not been turning left, would this crash happened?

Left-Hand Turn Accidents

Federal data show that 53% of crossing path collisions involve a left-hand turn. Compare that with the just 5.7% of similar crashes involving right-hand turns! There’s also data showing that 36% of fatal motorcycle crashes involve left-hand turns. The numbers don’t lie – there’s something just inherently unsafe about making left turns.

Though the total elimination of the left hand turn isn’t likely to occur anytime soon, drivers can put the practice into effect in their own lives. By not having to cross traffic and avoiding busy intersections, we can all benefit.

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