Icy Roads Cause Hundreds of VA Crashes

icy-conditions-1-1358994Virginia State Police say they responded to more than 700 crashes over the weekend, following the season’s first serious winter storm. The Commonwealth was blanketed in several inches of snow and ice. Freezing temperatures throughout the weekend didn’t help the conditions, as little of the snow melted at all.

Despite news outlets everywhere issuing warnings to stay off the roads, more than 700 drivers found themselves in need of emergency services this weekend. Miraculously, only one of these collisions resulted in a fatality. But overturned vehicles, cars sliding off roads and colliding meant police officers were extremely busy.

Though temperatures are starting to climb back into the 40s during the day, they plummet again each night when the sun goes down. As long as the snow and ice and moisture hang around, driving will continue to be more dangerous than usual.

While schools have been closed for the majority of this week, most people have ventured out on the roads by this point. If you must travel, we encourage folks to maintain safe speeds and increase their following distance. Icy roads make it difficult to stop on a dime, so allowing yourself plenty of margin for error is key!

If you do find yourself in a car accident, remember to stay calm. Call the police even if the accident isn’t what you’d consider “serious.” Getting an official crash report will be key should any long-term damage makes itself apparent down the line.

And of course, consider reaching out to our team of Virginia car accident lawyers for a free consultation.

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