How Waze can save you time and keep you safe

Don't Text and Drive - Injury Lawyer Richard SerpeHave you downloaded Waze yet?

It’s a free app from the folks at Google that helps drivers navigate the ever-changing traffic patterns and conditions around them. Sitting in traffic and curious about what’s holding you up? Check out Waze. Worried about someone colliding with the random spare tire in the road and want to warn them? Flag it on Waze. Road tripping and need to cut around rush hour traffic? Waze it.

Cut your commute time

Alternate routes are awesome. You probably don’t even realize how many of them there are on your average daily commute. Why bother sitting in your morning or evening traffic jam when you can cut down a side street and away from the other commuters? Waze helps by using Google Maps integration to find you the quickest, most traffic-free route to your destination.

A Reminder to Slow down

We always advocate for following the speed limit and traveling as safely as possible. But should you find yourself with a bit of a heavy foot, Waze can remind you to slowdown. The app allows drivers to alert others of police presence.

Stay safe by avoiding road hazards

In addition to flagging police presence, users can flag hazards in the road, too. That comes in handy when there’s debris from an accident that has made it’s way into the roadway, or if something has fallen off the back of a truck. The same audio alerts that let you know a speed trap is ahead can tip you off to hazardous materials in the road.

Using Waze – and other apps – safely

No matter the app, it’s never a good idea to use your smartphone while driving. That’s why Waze works so great for co-pilots. If you don’t have a passenger in the car, it’s best to turn Waze on and leave it to its own devices. Those audio alerts are great, but should you find yourself toying with the app more than you should behind the wheel, turn the app off completely and focus on the road.

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