Hit-and-Run Driver Charged in Suffolk

speedway-1198194A woman has been arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run following a deadly crash in Suffolk. Police say they have arrested the woman two months after the fatal accident occurred on the 1400 block of Holland Road. The victim was found dead at the scene of the accident. Police made an appeal to the public for help finding the person responsible, asking for any information about the incident.

While it is unclear what led to the arrest of the woman, we do know she has been charged with homicide, involuntary manslaughter, hit-and-run personal injury, aggressive driving, reckless driving, excessive speed, failure to wear a seat belt, two counts of improper passing on double solid line and general recklessness.

We hope that this arrest offers the family of the victim some peace of mind. While nothing can ever bring back their lost loved one, knowing that the person responsible has been brought to justice is likely to bring the grieving family some sense of relief.

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