General Motors Issues Massive Recall

The auto giant General Motors has issued a massive recall of over three-quarters of a million vehicles due to faulty ignition switches. According to authorities, the faulty switches have caused at least six fatalities.

The switches malfunction in an incredibly dangerous way: if jarred or suddenly jolted, they can shut down the entire car. This would lead to serious difficulties in braking and steering, which, needless to say, can result in serious car wrecks, injuries and even, tragically, death. General Motors reports of at least twenty-two accidents related to the switches, with six deaths; the auto company is recalling over 750,000 vehicles it believes affected by the switches.

Faulty and hazardous products are always frightening things to deal with, particularly if they put life and limb and risk—and they often do. We should expect more of our car manufacturers, who are producing products that, if poorly-designed, can lead to seriously devastating and fatal accidents; I have seen too many injuries from dangerous products in my line of work as an injury attorney.