Fatal Whaleyville Suffolk Head On Collision

One person has died and several other were seriously injured in a head-on collision in Suffolk. The incident occurred in Whaleyville in the 4500 block of Carolina Road when a Chevrolet work van and a Chevrolet four door sedan collided head on. The driver of the sedan died at the scene, while two others were airlifted to local hospitals with serious injuries. Police are still working to determine the exact cause of the crash.

Head On Collisions are Often Fatal

Head-on collisions are some of the most deadly kinds of accidents. Thankfully, they are not very common – only 2 percent of traffic accidents are of the head on variety. When they do occur, however, they are incredibly dangerous. Typical injuries can include brain trauma, spinal cord injuries and even paralysis.

Distracted Driving

Head-on crashes like this one are frequently caused by distracted driving. As police work to uncover more details about this incident, they will likely look for potential distractions that might have influenced one or both drivers. Even the safest of drivers can fall victim to head on collisions. Head on accidents are often sudden, with no time for drivers to take evasive action.

Surprisingly, the majority of such accidents occur when a driver is steering straight, not passing or rounding a curve in the road. This lends credibility to the theory that distractions and drowsiness are two of the most deadly factors in head on traffic accidents. When drivers are relaxed and at ease, they take less care with their driving and pay less attention to the road. This is why drivers should never rest on their laurels, despite good driving weather conditions and clear roads.

Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

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