Fatal Nottoway County 3 Car Accident

Another tragic accident has claimed the life of a Virginia teenager. The wreck occurred at the interchange of VA Route 723 and U.S. 460 in Nottoway County. A Toyota Camry pulled in front of the teen’s SUV, giving her no time to slow down to avoid a collision. Soon after, the two vehicles were struck by a third car who claimed not to have seen the accident in time.

Tragically, the teen driver died at the scene of the accident after getting ejected through the front windshield.  Her passenger is battling life-threatening injuries. Three people in the third car suffered injuries as well. The driver of the Camry was also injured and was charged with reckless driving.

When merging onto a highway, it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether to speed up or slow down to avoid passing traffic. This particular decision led to the loss of a young woman’s life. The fact that police charged the man with reckless driving is telling; he likely knew of the dangers associated with his choice but carried on regardless.

Our thoughts go out to the family of the victims. We wish those ailing speedy recoveries, and remind everyone to drive defensively, even on highways. If possible, consider moving over for vehicles trying to merge. This minor inconvenience will guarantee safer roads for every driver.  When you’re merging onto a highway, pay attention to posted speed limits for on ramps. Ignoring the posted speed limits could not only get you a ticket, it could cost someone their life.

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