Drunk Pokemon Go Player Crashes in VA Beach

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A Friday night crash in Virginia Beach sent a teenager to the hospital with serious injuries. The cause? A drunk driver – and a popular smartphone game.

Police say the driver of a Honda coupe was driving on Holland Road around 8:00 PM on Friday. The car collided with another vehicle turning right into a car wash. Rather than stop after the collision, the driver of the Honda veered onto the sidewalk. He struck a 16-year-old pedestrian who had been walking there. Still, the driver did not stop. He continued over a median at the intersection and into oncoming traffic. When he turned onto South Plaza Trail, other cars were able to box him in and prevent further collisions.

The man was heard saying “I don’t think I should be driving” as he was arrested. A breathalyzer test revealed his blood alcohol content was .294, nearly four times the legal limit of .08. The man was at risk of his organs shutting down. He was charged with DUI, maiming, multiple counts of felony hit and run, having an expired inspection and not wearing his seat belt.

During his arrest, the driver admitted he had been using his phone at the time of the crash. His phone was open to Pokemon Go. Whether or not he was actively catching Pokemon at the time of the incident remains to be seen.

At the time of the crash, the driver was out on $35,000 bond for marijuana possession and public intoxication. This time, he is being held without bond.

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