Drunk driver charged with manslaughter


A woman has died after being involved in a wrong-way crash with a drunk driver. The accident occurred June 26th, 2016 on Interstate 81 in Augusta County. The driver of a Toyota Tundra was driving south in the northbound lane of the interstate around five in the morning. He struck a Volkswagen Tiguan traveling north. The driver of the Volkswagen died in the accident, while the Toyota driver walked away without a scratch.

Police arrested the driver of the Toyota for driving while under the influence of alcohol. He was also charged with aggravated involuntary manslaughter. Authorities are still investigating exactly how the Toyota driver ended up in the northbound lanes while heading south.

Wrong-way crashes are almost always caused by drunk, drugged or drowsy drivers who aren’t paying close enough attention to the road. Early morning and late evening crashes are the most likely times of day for such crashes to occur. That’s when people under the influence are most likely to make bad choices about getting behind the wheel when they shouldn’t be driving. Keep that in mind when you hit the road early or late in the day. Even if you are sober, it is important to drive defensively and watch out for drivers like the one who caused this particular accident.

Tragically, head-on collisions like this one are some of the most deadly kinds of car accidents. Most vehicles are built to sustain side and rear damage, but because so much of the mechanics of the car is up front – your engine, for example – they just don’t hold up well in head-on crashes like this. We send our condolences to the family of the woman who was killed in this awful wreck.

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