Deadly VA Beach Crashes Claim 2 Lives

Authorities in Virginia Beach are investigating two deadly car accidents that occurred just hours apart. The first incident happened in the 400 block of Princess Anne Road, just after 7 PM the night of July 27, 2021. A Kia Optima headed north veered into southbound lanes, striking a Chevy Equinox head-on. Two people were hospitalized, but one person – the driver of the Kia – ultimately succumbed to her injuries. The other person is said to have sustained serious injuries.

Pedestrian Killed on Northampton Blvd

Another incident occurred just a few hours later, on Northampton Blvd. Police say a pedestrian walked into the road where there wasn’t a crosswalk. He was struck by a Nissan Rogue and died at the scene. The driver of the Nissan was arrested on charges of possession of schedule 1 narcotics and traffic offenses.

Avoiding Deadly Accidents This Summer

Some accidents are unavoidable. Others, however, can be prevented with a bit of careful forethought. If you’re planning on traveling on foot after dark, make sure to wear bright-colored clothing with reflective fabrics. This can help to highlight your presence on the road to motorists. It’s equally important to avoid drinking, using drugs like the recently legalized marijuana and driving. While it seems like common sense, many drivers don’t think twice about getting behind the wheel after a beer or glass of wine. While we don’t know whether impaired drivers were to blame for these two incidents, it’s always a good idea to get sober before hitting the road.