Dangerous Route 13 Not Improved by Proposed Changes, Official Say

Proposed safety upgrades to Route 13 would make no difference in dangerous car accidents, officials say.

The dangerous portions of Route 13 on the Eastern Shore include a spot in Keller, Virginia where three people lost their lives this summer. The family was driving home from a family reunion when a drunk driver crossed the median and collided with their vehicle. Three others in the car were injured.

In spite of the proposed changes, engineers say the added safety features – which would include flexible posts – would have been knocked down in an accident like this one. It is unlikely that the posts would have prevented or lessened the damage done by this drunk driver.

According to 13newsnow.com, the problem lies with the fifth lane on Route 13. The lane is a median, but is often used as a continuous turning lane. For that reason, it simply can’t be closed down. The proposed flexible posts might provide a mental barrier for drivers, but would not prevent drunk drivers from crashing through to oncoming traffic.

The proposed solution? Close off these crossover spots – about ten of them along Route 13 – altogether. The Virginia Department of Transportation estimates that it will cost around $10,000 to close each of these crossovers, though, and there’s no money in the budget to do so at this time. Until the funding comes through, VDOT will place flexible posts along the crossovers to discourage drivers from using them.

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