Chesterfield Teens Struck by Drunk Driver

Two Chesterfield, VA high school students are recovering following a scary run in with a drunk driver. The boys were driving to a local convenience store late one evening when a drunk driver crossed the median and hit their car head on. The drunk driver walked away unharmed, while the two teens were rushed to the hospital. One boy has been released, while the other is undergoing surgery.

Fourth DUI

The drunk driver was charged with driving without a license and his fourth DUI. The three previous DUIs on his record was what lost him his license to begin with. The fact that he continued to blatantly disregard the law once again shows just how little he cares for his fellow man. In today’s day and age, there is really no excuse to drive drunk. With taxi cabs and ride sharing services at your door at the click of a smart phone button, there’s no good reason to get behind the wheel after driving.

Police are still investigating this accident, but the parents of the injured teens are calling for retribution. One father specifically suggested that this is a clear case of attempted vehicular manslaughter. If police do indeed charge the drunk driver with this, he could face the permanent loss of his driver’s license and up to twenty years in prison. Clearly, the man has not responded to earlier attempts to curb such dangerous habits, so perhaps a more severe punishment is necessary to prevent more accidents like this one from occurring.

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