Chesapeake crash kills one, injures three


An accident in Chesapeake had caused serious injuries and the death of at least one person. The crash occurred in the Western Branch area of the city, near Chesapeake Square Mall. Police arrived on scene after getting word about an accident at Portsmouth Blvd. and Dock Landing Road. The two cars were driving in opposite directions on Portsmouth Blvd. when one tried to turn left onto Dock Landing. That’s when the vehicles collided, authorities say.

Of the four people involved in the accident – two drivers and two passengers – one person was killed and three are suffering injuries. Police have not released the information of the people involved in the crash. They had Portsmouth Blvd. closed to traffic for several hours while they cleared the accident site.

We send our condolences to the family of the victim and wish the injured victims speedy, complete recoveries.

Left turn crashes like this are more common than you’d think. And while it’s easy to assume that the car making the left turn will always be considered the one at fault in such accidents, that’s not always true. It can be difficult to prove, but if the car heading straight was going too fast, they can be held liable for accidents. It’s also possible that the driver heading straight ran a red light, meaning they are responsible for breaking the rules of the road and endangering lives. Most of the time, though, the onus is on the driver turning left to determine if it is safe to make a turn.

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