Chesapeake Bus Crash Injures Six

Six people were hospitalized after an SUV and a bus collided in Chesapeake. While it’s not clear what caused the crash, the Head Start minibus and the SUV wrecked near the intersection of Battlefield Blvd. and Hanbury Rd. Two of the children on board the bus were injured, along with the driver and three more adults. They were all transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The SUV driver was not harmed in the crash. Police are still investigating the accident, so no one has been charged yet.

Buses are designed to be safer than your average passenger vehicle. With reinforced sides and safety enhancements, buses are usually much more protective, even without the presence of seat belts. Indeed, the American School Bus Council estimates that riding in a bus is 50 times safer than riding to school in a car.

Still, accidents happen. Even the most highly trained and experienced drivers can find themselves amidst a tragedy. Though we don’t know exactly what happened to cause this particular accident, it’s safe to say at least one or both drivers involved weren’t paying close enough attention to the road.

We put our children on school and day care buses with the unspoken understanding that they will be protected. Yet each year, approximately 18 children are killed in accidents involving buses. Speak with your children about bus safety tips and reach out to the bus driver with any concerns you might have. You can never be too careful when your child’s safety is on the line.

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