Car Flips in Norfolk Accident, Driver Injured

speedway-1198194One person involved in a Norfolk crash was hospitalized earlier today. Sources say that the accident occurred at the intersection of East Little Creek Road and Becket Street around 11:30 the morning of September 15, 2017. Police report that the driver of a Nissan Frontier was heading toward Little Creek on Becket when they attempted to make a left turn. They did so in the path of a Dodge Durango headed west on Little Creek.

The cars collided, sending the Nissan flipping over onto its side. The driver of the Nissan was injured in the wreck, but the injuries are said to be non-life threatening. She was taken to the hospital for treatment. The driver of the Dodge was not hurt in the collision.

Police say that charges are pending but did not indicate which driver would be charged. From early reports, it would seem that the driver of the Nissan failed to yield to oncoming traffic. The injured driver is likely to see charges if they did indeed fail to yield to the right of way.

Left hand turns are some of the most dangerous yet routine maneuvers drivers make. They are so common that most people fail to realize the potential hazards associated with left turns. Drivers have limited abilities in judging the distance and speed of oncoming traffic. When they take the risk and dart in front of oncoming vehicles, they are chancing their lives as well as the lives of other motorists on the road. In fact, some drivers avoid making left turns altogether for this very reason.

Norfolk Car Accident Lawyers

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