Bus Crash in Norfolk Injures Seven

Seven people are recovering following a scary crash in Norfolk yesterday. The October 4th, 2016 collision occurred around 2:30 PM on N. Military Highway at Norvella Avenue. Footage of the incident shows a school bus rear ending a Hampton Roads Transit bus as it made a stop to pick up passengers. Five people aboard the HRT bus were injured along with two adults on the school bus. No children were aboard the school bus at the time of the crash.

The seven injured victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. Thankfully, none of the injuries sustained are life-threatening. We send our thoughts and best wishes out to the people injured in this accident and are rooting for speedy recoveries for them all.

Bus Accidents

There’s no word on the exact cause of the crash, but police are still investigating.  There’s a chance the driver was distracted at the wheel, and that can spell major disaster for professional drivers. People at the steering wheel of buses and trucks have to be constantly scanning the road for changing conditions and dangerous drivers. Because large vehicles like buses are so slow to stop, a last minute decision to brake can be too late. There’s no telling exactly why the school bus driver crashed into the back of the HRT bus, but chances are good they weren’t leaving enough following distance to allow for a safe stop.

Even those of us who aren’t bus or truck drivers can learn from this. Give big vehicles plenty of stopping room just in case!

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