Brake Failure Causes Crash on 1-264 In VB

Most of us drive our cars each day without giving much thought to just how powerful and potentially dangerous they are. We climb behind the wheel on mental autopilot as we change gears, obey traffic patterns and travel our daily commutes. It is only when something goes wrong with our cars that we realize all that can possibly turn deadly. One Virginia Beach woman experienced just that when her brakes stopped working while on the highway traveling at high speed.

The woman was driving her Jeep westbound on I-264 when she tried to slow down but found that she could not. It was then she decided to jump from the moving vehicle rather than risk being inside when the car inevitably crashed. A mini-van swerved to avoid hitting the woman and struck the abandoned Jeep instead. The Jeep was pushed into a BMW, which then ran off the highway and into a wall. The mini-van was then hit by a Saturn, which was in turn hit by a Hyundai. Miraculously, no one was killed in the accident, though four people were treated with injuries.

Police report that the driver of the Jeep was given a ticket for reckless driving and failure to maintain proper control of her vehicle. One has to wonder how an accident like this one could have happened. Was the Jeep’s owner negligent in their maintenance of the car? Or is this a case of defective brakes failing when they are needed most? As the investigation into this incident continues, we can only hope to find answers to these questions.

If you ever find yourself in a car with faulty brakes, don’t panic! Try to downshift if you’re in a manual, or simply take your foot off the accelerator if you’re in an automatic. Steer yourself away from traffic if possible, to minimize damage. Put your hazard lights on to indicate an emergency to other motorists. Signal for help or call police if you can.

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