Avoid Car Accidents: Programs to improve car safety for Virginia drivers

Drive Smart Virginia promotes programs to improve car safety

DRIVE SMART Virginia is a crucial force in the continued reduction of these statistics.

DRIVE SMART Virginia is dedicated to working to make the roadways in Virginia the safest in the Nation. The organization is constantly looking for opportunities to educate and inform Virginia citizens about good traffic safety behaviors. The group has worked to develop strong relationships with the business community and have been asked to provide information, speak publicly and educate employees about traffic safety. Communication opportunities in the workplace are crucial because of the ability to address work-life balance issues and stress related driving behaviors.

Partnering with the Department of Motor Vehicles, Drive Smart Virginia worked to roll-out the annual Click It or Ticket campaign, which reminds drivers to buckle up – click it – or get a ticket. Occupant protection is a message and a behavior that should be discussed all year long.

As Virginia’s roadways get more crowded, the four-wheel community has recognized the vast number of truckers on our roadways. Both eighteen wheelers and four wheelers report a fear of one another. Drive Smart Virginia works with all drivers on the road to help them gain an appreciation for and respect of others. Educating drivers of four-wheelers to educate them on sharing the road with eighteen wheelers. The organization works with eighteen wheelers to help them understand aggressive driving behaviors and the importance of buckling their seat belts when driving.

Virginia Car Accident Lawyers

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