Devastating 69-Car Pileup in York County

A massive 69-car pileup on I-64 near Williamsburg has led to two people in critical condition, 11 people with serious but non-life-threatening injuries, and 51 people injured in less serious capacities. According to reports, the actual cause of the crash is still under investigation, but Virginia State Police Sergeant Michelle Anaya noted the presence of fog and icy roads at the scene. Multi-car pileups like this can lead to significant injuries with lifelong consequences, and it is crucial for people involved in the wreck to explore their options for compensation.

Injuries Associated With Multi-Car Pileups

When several cars are involved in a crash, resulting injuries can be legion. The body of a person affected by a multi-car wreck often experiences collisions from a variety of angles, typically at high speeds when the crash occurs on an interstate like I-64. In addition to fatalities, drivers and passengers can experience traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), paralysis, severe whiplash, lost limbs, spinal injuries, and more. These injuries affect not just the person’s immediate health and well-being, but the course of their future as well.

The Effects of Weather on Virginia Roads

Even the best roads are subject to an increased likelihood of car accidents when adverse weather conditions are present. In this case, the sudden onset of fog lowered drivers’ visibility while ice on the road made controlling, steering, and stopping vehicles much more difficult. Virginia drivers should exercise extreme caution when navigating our roadways, especially now in the heart of the winter season. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that more than 418,000 people are injured in weather-related crashes, which account for more than a fifth of all wrecks nationwide.

Virginia Car Accident Attorney

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