3 Injured When Car Crashes into Norfolk Home

When car accidents happen in Hampton Roads, they often take place at intersections or crosswalks, freeways and interstates. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycle drivers and other motorists are often involved and need to be treated for injuries sustained in such collisions. Rarely, if ever, do people sitting in their own homes fear being involved in a car accident – yet that’s exactly what happened this weekend in Norfolk.

Investigators have their hands full with a recent accident that sent several people the hospital. The wreck occurred on Saturday at the intersection of Princess Anne and Wyoming Avenue when a car crashed into a house to avoid hitting another vehicle. The collision was so powerful that neighbors report feeling the hit in their own houses. At least three people were treated for injuries sustained in the crash. The wreck remains under investigation.

Shockingly, car accidents involving houses and buildings are not quite as uncommon as you’d think. Most frequently, they are caused by drunk or drowsy drivers who lose control of their cars. Sometimes, though, hazardous roadways or poor road design can play a factor in such crashes. Vehicle malfunction can also cause collisions between vehicles and houses.

Homeowners and residents can never truly prepare for an accident like this one, so if such an incident ever does occur, seek medical attention as quickly as possible. Then collect photographs and speak with neighbors who might have witnessed the incident. All of these things will help build your case with the insurance company.

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